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Welcome to the "Questions about Trumpets" section of Trumpet Players of Nj web sight.

How many years do I need to wait untill I need a new Trumpet?
If you are a begginer its usually good to wait 2-4 years till you get a new trumpet perferably a professional trumpet because it could cost you a lot of money to purchase a beginer trumpet then intermediate and then a pro horn (not saying that you schould start on a prefessional first), However, it is very important to cunsult your teacher before making a decision.

What size mouth piece should I buy?
When purchasing a mouthpiece you schould buy a mouthpiece that is most comforable to you, it is mostly personal prefrence. Someone once told me that a mouthpiece could be your best friend or your worst enemy whitch I think is not true, pick the one that is most comfortable yet playible. Remember a medium cup is for common rage playing. And do not ever play a mouth piece size that someone else is playing because that person is playing it. Play the size that satisfies you and feels good on your chops.

What kind of trumpet schould I buy?
Buying a Trumpet usualy has to do with personal prefrecence. Questions you schould ask youreself when buying a Trumpet is: Does this horn sound too dark or too bright? Is this horn more open or to closed? And these are usualy what you are looking for because you want this trumpet to seem a part of you and a horn witch enables you to be you. Check out a local dealer in NJ that will allow you to try out the horns. One such place is Dillon Music (

What is the best mouthpiece to buy?
When it comes to mouthpieces, its again, personal preferace. But remember buy a mouthpiece that is comfortabe to your chops and can be used for what you usually play like lower range, middle range and (or) higher range. Personaly I like the Laskey 60c which is close to a bach Mount Vernon 5c. It allows me to play orchestral pasages with a nice sound and front while being comfortable. Of course this is the size I feel comfortable on. Go to a local store where you can try out the mouthpieces. Ask yourself: Is the Rim too sharp or round?, Is the Rim or cup too Big? and Does the rim stick to mylips? (usually meaning you want gold plate. If you lick your lips before playing you should be fine but if you dont try gold plate out.). These are just some of the quiestions you should be asking yourself.

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