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Find out the best and most recent ways to clean your trumpet and to make it more easy going!

      What is the best way to clean my trumpet?
      The best way you clean your trumpet is very
simple. Alls you have to do is the following: take
your trumpet and pull each slide completely out of the
trumpet the put water through the bell and make sure
that the wather is luke warm (not too hot and not too cold).
Repeat the same with the slides. Now its time to scrub
the horn down.  For this part you could either use dish soap or tooth paste.
Take a tooth brush and srub the slides with what ever you choose
to clean with and scrub down the slides and also make sure
you use your snake to clean the lead pipe and iner slides.
Next take the tooth brush and scrub the valves and valve casings
down with whatever your cleaning with (for this part tooth paste works
a little bit better). Then flood out each part of the horn with wat
Now take the each part of the horn and dry out each of the slides.
Then take a paper towl and twist it tight and scrub the valve
casings dry. Next you must dry out the valves do the same thing with
the papaer towel. Lastly take your horn assemble it toghether and
your done!

Whats the best Valve oil to use on my trumpet?
 I find that the best oils around are both Zaja and Hetman (synthetic).
I like zaja because of the long lasting sent and how well my trumpets respond.
However, Hetman offers a spectrum of oils made for old and new instruments.
With Hetman you would use "lubricant 1" for a new horn and "lubricant 5" for a older horn. Usually with Hetman there is up to five types of oils one being the thinest and five being the thickest.
Other oils include:
Ultra Pure (used by wynton marsalis & Chris Botti)
Most of these oils can be purchased at dillons music:

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